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All Strata Services

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  • Lot 16 Tuggerah Corporate Centre 1 Bounty Close Tuggerah Business Park
Who we are:

All Strata Services specialises in strata and community management. We have been established on the Central Coast for 20 years, originally based at Blue Bay, but since December 2004 in Tuggerah Business Park. Our staff of 14 manage nearly 500 properties of varying sizes both on the Central Coast and further afield. While a large number of these properties are residential strata plans, a significant number are commercial properties, including office industrial and retail premises and small shopping developments. They vary in size from properties of two townhouses to fairly large community schemes. The principals and directors of the firm are Rex and Joy Schmidt.

What we do :

Strata and community association management is our entire business. Our office procedures and computer systems have been specifically designed for our needs and the requirements of our work and we constantly review them. We believe that because we only have the one source of income we are not distracted by other interests, and must concentrate harder on our particular field. We are able to liaise with solicitors and with selling and letting agents with no conflict of interest between our duties and sales or letting transactions.

Where we are :

We are a local firm, well established in the area, and have constant contact with a large number of local and reliable tradesmen involved in the maintenance of the blocks that we manage. We are also readily available for prompt service of any difficulties and problems experienced by the owners we represent.

Our commitment :

We see it as our role to work with our clients to serve and protect their interests, and our aim is to provide a friendly and professional service which is simply the best of its kind. We have set ourselves a high standard and try very hard to meet it. A lot of time and effort is devoted to ongoing training of our staff to maintain the standard of their knowledge and skill and to keep them up to date in a constantly changing legislative environment. We aim to satisfy our clients needs, and if there are problems, to deal with any complaint as quickly as possible. We advise our clients that if they have a problem that is not being solved it should be addressed to the directors. We are proud of the fact that very few complaints come to us in that way, and the few that do are dealt with promptly.

The way we work :

We have chosen to specialise because we want to be successful and excel in what we set out to do, and we believe that professional strata and community management requires specialised knowledge and commitment. We aim to build strong relationships - with our clients, with our suppliers and contractors, and inside our business. Not just because it is a far more pleasant way to work and we want to enjoy our work, but because it is often the most effective way to get good results. The people within our firm work as a team, and although we appoint a manager with the primary responsibility for each property, when a client engages us, they engage the whole company. That means that when a manager or a specialist employee is unavailable the work goes on - every member of the team has access to the information about a property at any point in time and almost all problems can be dealt with as they arise. The bottom line on this team approach is that it helps us to work more effectively, and it delivers better results to our clients.

Our objective :

We aim to be professional, efficient, responsive, friendly, and well versed in the law as it relates to  strata and community scheme management. As a company we strive to earn and maintain a reputation for providing an excellent service and for fairness, honesty and integrity in all our dealings. We hope that will be your experience of dealing with us.

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