Friday, 23rd October 2020

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Clean Green Strata

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Clean Green Strata offer a reliable service we can provide daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly visits.  All aspects of internal and external cleaning, lawn mowing, trimming, car parks and globe replacement.  All sign written bans carry chemicals, equipment and stock for any size property.
  • Bin Management - Bins cleaned, disinfected and sterilised.  Bin areas cleaned and sanitised.  Bins out for collection, returned to bays after empty - any day, any time, any location.
  • Rubbish Removal - Hands on service so you won't lift a finger.  Domestic and commercial.  Yard clean ups.
  • Caretaking - A service provided that allows organisations to concentrate on their core business while we manage and/or maintain their property assets.  Focusing on managing and improvement of a facility's performance while reducing operational costs and risk.  100+ unit properties.
  • Carpet Cleaning - Dry, steam, protection.  Vacuum (extract dust, hair), pre spray (biodegradable solution), steam clean (hot h20 extraction), spot treatment (remaining spots removed) and deadoriser treatments (fresh smell).
  • Commercial Cleaning - Daily, weekend and weekly services.  A regular clean/fresh office and retain premises is more satisfying to your customers, clients and a more pleasant workspace for your staff.  Your premises will always be fresh, Clean Green and presentable.
  • Window Cleaning - All windows cleaned.  Inside, outside, common areas, high windows, louvers and balconies.  We have tucker poles and abseiling equipment.  Very experienced teams.
  • Graffiti Removal - We remove 100% of graffiti without damage to any surface.  We quote on graffitti attacks at home, offices, strata, industrial and commercial premises.  Anti graffiti coatings for prevention management.
  • Aborist Tree Removal - Tree removal, stump grinding, tree pruning, shaping and mulching.  Professional reports and expert advice on tree health.
  • High Pressure Cleaning - Mould and dirt removal on driveways, car parks, roofs, gutters, eaves, paving, pathways and tiled areas.  Water restriction permits. Environmentally friendly approach.
  • Gardening - Expert maintenance including pruning, trimming, hedging, weeding, ferilizing, plant knowledge, pest/disease control and horticultural advice.  Our service is driven to provide monthly maintenance allowing all year round upkeep provided by our team of qualified horticultural staff.
  • Lawn Care - Strata, commercial and domestic.  Ride on commercial work needs.  Involves scarifying, aerating and applying fertiliser and weeding agents.  Applying the correct application at the right time of year can significantly enhance the health and presentation of your lawn.
  • Soft Landscaping - Small garden makeovers or large commercial designs and upgrades.  Installation of new garden beds, irrigation systems and lawn areas.  Soil testing, plant selection, mulching and water saving advice.  Value for money to meet the needs of our harsh environmental climate. 
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Nathan Earthrowl

Contact: 0407 497 219

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