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A Clean City

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A Clean City was established in 1984. We are an Australian-owned registered propriety limited company and we carry all insurances required by current law. We provide services that cover all areas of cleaning for commercial and strata premises. Our director, Lauretta Do Carmo, will meet with you onsite to develop personalised cleaning specifications to meet your requirements. We pride ourselves on providing both a quality cleaning service and friendly support staff.

Security is critical to our clients; all staff are carefully screened and checked.
Our services are based on mutually agreed specifications. We have developed procedures and work practices to ensure we achieve a high standard service at all times.

Currently we are registered cleaning contractors for:

Jamesons Real Estate and Strata Management

Body Corporate Management Services t/a Raine and Horne Strata

Insite Asset Specialists

Hurstville Real Estate Strata Management.
Sydney strata cleaning services can be provided daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This cleaning service includes the cleaning of common areas, windows and fire stairs. Replacing of light globes and polishing of mirrors. Sweeping and cleaning of car parks. The removal of rubbish from pathways and gardens and watering of the gardens. High pressure cleaning of pathways, walls and the removal of mould and mildew from external brickwork. (We carry a permit to use water). Waste bins out for collection and returned to bay. Bins and bin areas cleaned, disinfected and sterillised. Out machines are up-to-date to give you the best possible solutions and are maintained in optimum condition.

Our range of services for your strata needs include:
  •  Cleaning common areas
  • Cleaning fire stairs, car parks and windows
  • Taking out and bringing in bins for council or private removal
  • Cleaning and sanitising bins
  • Watering and clearing gardens of rubbish 
  • Replacing light globes 
  • Reporting faults
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