Friday, 19th November 2021

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I will make a long story shorter so it is not a great long diatribe.

I live in a garden apartment in a small building in a pretty bushy area near Frenchs Forest.

I lost my cat to cancer a few months ago and I was heartbroken and I couldn't move anything that belonged to her.  I left her nighttime bed in my room and her outdoor bed where it was on the deck.

Not long after Muffy died, we had an EC meeting and decided to cut down the tree in my yard because the roots were causing issues with the building.  Being where we are we are use to wildlife and possums in particular.

The day after the tree was cut down, I went outside to find a possum in my dear departed Muffy's bed.  I was not happy and screamed at it.  It looked so terrified because I screamed at it that I started to cry.  I sat down on the deck and tried to sooth it like I would have Muffy.  I sat there for two hours and finally it started to relax when I just went about doing things in my garden.  I went and got some branches and leaves and put them next to Muffy's bed so she would feel more comfortable.  

So, to cut a long story short, she hung around during the day and at night went out to find food.  I knew I shouldn't feed her.  After a couple of weeks I got a letter from my EC to say that I should not have bought a new cat without asking permission.  They said they had heard me talking to the cat. Obviously it was "Posy" the possum they heard me talking to.  

When they found out it was a possum they told me I had to get rid of it because there were enough of them causing destruction around the building.  That is when I got in touch with the Nike Pet Program and the girls helped me with the problem.  They suggested we attach possum houses to the sides of the building to get as many of them off our roof and guttering.  That has been a great success.  In regards Posy, bylaws do not extend to wildlife who are in their natural habitat.  The definition of 'pet' as was explained by Nike is "a domestic or tamed animal or bird that is kept for companionship or pleasure". Posy is obviously not a pet and simply sleeps on my deck during the day.  I don't own her and I don't feed her but she has become a companion and she does give me pleasure.  She even follows me around now when I am doing the gardening. Lately she has taken to sitting on my lap while I have my afternnon drink on the deck. 

Anyhow, the building has now accepted that she is here to stay.  The trees are full of them on either side of us anyhow.  I have never had to clean up after her and when I go away for a few days I come back and she taps on the glass doors for me to come out and say hello.  I think she is the perfect non-pet.

I did not want to move her on and I was hopeful that the bylaws would not extend to her having to be moved on if she was not being a nuisance.  Our strata manager was no help at all but after Cindy and Tilly came to our building and explained it to the EC they were far more accepting and had little choice but to agree it was OK.

Thanks girls for all your help.    



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Nice story.  I know they are wildlife but we have one that lives on our balcony as well.  We are quite happy for the little chappie to be there.  He just sits and watches us and my wife...naughty...always gives him some avacado and he loves it - especially the skin.  He also likes berries but I know we are no supposed to feed them.   

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