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Take A Seat In A 21st Century Bathroom

Wednesday, 12th December 2012

The rise in popularity of the freestanding bath has led to a redefining of the traditional bathing area.

The rise in popularity of the freestanding bath has led to a redefining of the traditional bathing area. Global leader in bathroom products, Kohler, says the demarcation lines between the main bathroom and bedroom are blurring as more of us seek refuge and relaxation in our bathing rituals.

Kohler’s research* shows women are now spending, on average, more than two weeks (14.17 days) a year attending to their personal hygiene while men spend slightly less at 11.28 days. So for those with the space, the bathroom is taking on the role of ‘relaxation area’ with furniture and soft furnishings being added to the mix to increase the sense of luxury and comfort. In some cases even the wall separating the bathroom and the master bedroom is being removed to further enhance the melding of relaxation and ablutions.

Baths such as the beautiful Askew lithocast and the luxurious Escale BubbleMassage model are popular freestanding options within the Kohler portfolio, as much for their statement-making aesthetics as the deeply relaxing and rejuvenating therapy they offer.

The Askew lithocast two-people bath is a boldly geometric model, representing three rectangular plinths sitting one on top of the other, each at a slightly different angle. Made from a premium quality solidsurface acrylic that looks just like finely honed white stone the Askew is warm to the touch and comfortable on the skin. At a generous 1838mm long and 878mm wide this bath is plenty big enough for long, deeply relaxing soaks – it also features an integrated slotted overflow and a self-covered toe-tap drain to create an uninterrupted look and clean aesthetic. Floor mounted bath fillers, such as the Stillness, are the perfect way to elegantly fill the Askew.

The luxurious and gently curved Escale Bubble Massage bath meanwhile is the antithesis, in terms of aesthetics, to the Askew. This sleek and refined version of a conventional bath actually delivers a blissful full body massage courtesy of thousands of bubbles, filled with warm air, that support and massage the entire body. The bubbles are emitted from dozens of tiny holes concealed around the lower perimeter of the bath with the various massage options being controlled from an electronic pad on the inner wall of the bath.

The Escale has an optional head pillow to further enhance the sybaritic experience and can also be used as a conventional bath, without the bubbles.

And for the ultimate, indulgent inclusion these freestanding baths can be filled with the ceiling mounted Laminar spout – a steady stream of water is emitted from a chrome proud-mounted orifice and enters the bath without a splash!

The Kohler Askew and Escale freestanding baths, plus the Kohler Stillness Bath Filler and Laminate Spout are available from Tradelink stores and Mico showrooms nationally.

Prices are as follows:
  • Askew Lithocast freestanding bath $6679
  • Escale freestanding BubbleMassage bath $2399
  • Kohler Stillness Bath Filler $ 799
  • Kohler Laminar ceiling mounted spout $1009

For more information go to

*Figures taken from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

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