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How Green is my Lawn?

Saturday, 28th August 2010

Television buffs will remember the actor Lorne Greene*, who played patriarch Ben Cartwright in the western series Bonanza, where each week it seemed he had to extricate one or more of his three sons from trouble. If one Sydney company has anything to do with it, the name Lawn Green will become equally well known for trouble-shooting of a different kind.

Barry Hyland investigates for

No-one knows if Bonanza's fictional 600,000-acre cattle ranch The Ponderosa had a weed problem, but if it did Gerry Faehrmann reckons he could have remedied it.  You see, Gerry is the owner of Lawn Green Pty Ltd, which specialises in waterless weed and feed lawn care programs.

Lawn Green guarantees to be able to: turn tired old grass into beautiful, lush, green, weed-free lawns in for to six weeks."

Now that's a transformation everyone with a property would be keen to see.

"There are more than 180 different weeds, 30 lawn insect pests and 20 diseases that can damage your lawn.  Yet, you only need one lawn expert," says Gerry confidently.

"Our wee-free success is achieved by using a granular fertilizer product that is coated with a pre-emergent herbicide.  The fertiliser naturally greens the lawn and the herbicide coating goes into the soil and stops weed seeds from germinating."

Gerry says his service works well for all lawns, including kikuyu, couch, durban, zoysia and buffalo.  Amazingly, he claims his lawn care system requires no watering.

"With the introduction of water restrictions and an increased awareness of water shortages, it is apparent that people have not been clearly educated about effective water use, particularly in the care of their lawns.

"Generally, lawn and turf grasses have different water needs than garden plants.  Lawns require heavy but infrequent watering, whereas garden plants generally need more regular but lighter watering. 

"We tell our clients that lawns only need be watered in extreme dry conditions, say once or twice a week in summer and once a month in winter if it doesn't rain.  Lawns only require heavy, but infrequent, watering.

"With heavy watering the moisture travels deep into the soil profile, allowing the turf grass roots to establish to a depth of 200-300mm.  So, with deep root growth, the turf grass becomes drought-tolerant.

"As the heavy but infrequent watering is already mimicked by the rainfall, there is no need to water the lawns....

"So roll that hose up, sit back and just enjoy your greener, weed-free lawn! Gerry proclaims.

Gerry's website is packed with great tips and special offers, such as a free report on "The 5 Secrets To A Great Looking Lawn".  Lawn Green Pty Ltd can be contacted on 1300 557 472, or

*Lorne Greene was the stage name of Canadian actor Lyon Green, who starred for 14 years as Ben Cartwright, a character ranked No.2 by TV Guide Magazine in its list of the '50 greatest TV dads of all time' (June 20, 2004 issue)


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