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10 Easy Bathroom Updates

Thursday, 19th August 2010

It's easy to overlook the bathroom - it's generally the smallest room in the home, and only used for short periods of time each day. But neglect it at your peril; a dated bathroom that's crowded with toiletries across every surface will be unpleasant to use and a nightmare to clean. Bring it up-to-date with these easy do-it-yourself ideas, and create a bathroom sanctuary that's a pleasure to behold.

1. Edit your belongings
Your bathroom should be a functional and relaxing space, but there's nothing soothing about cluttered cabinets and countertops packed with toiletries. The first step to freshening up your tired bathroom is a good clear-out. Go through all the cupboards and drawers, and get rid of anything past its use-by date or that you haven't touched in several months. Clear countertops by moving all but the essential day-to-day toiletries into cupboards or drawers.
Give your bathroom a proper clean, scrubbing away any mould and limescale on tiles and around sinks, shower and taps. And don't forget the shower curtain - if stains can't be removed, bin it and splash out on a new one.

2. Invest in new storage
If, despite your best efforts, your cabinets and counters are still packed to the gills, it might be time for some additional storage. Look for woven baskets or decorative bowls for small bits and pieces that you plan to keep out on display, and more substantial storage for larger items such as towels, hairdryers and cleaning supplies.
If you have the space, add narrow linen cupboards or a decorative chest of drawers (consider a mirrored one that will add a touch of whimsy and also enhance the feeling of space). If you don't have space for new cupboards, consider adding storage to the walls with floating shelving and hooks, and mobile drawer units that can be pushed out of the way when not required. 

3. Update tapware
It's often said that tapware is jewellery for the bathroom - it's small, eyecatching and really brings the room to life. And of course replacing your old taps is also far cheaper than buying a whole new bathroom suite. One of the key trends right now is for taps with curved, organic shapes - they tie in with the move towards softer minimalism in the home, and have something of a sensuous feel. Another look coming through is for freestanding taps that stand on the floor, which are sure to add drama to any bathroom.

4. Go Green
Give your bathroom green credentials by replacing inefficient taps and showerheads with new eco-friendly ones that will reduce your water consumption - look for the the WELS water consumption rating and flow rate indicators. Alternatively, update existing taps with flow restrictors that reduce the amount of water used. They're easy to install and are available from most hardware stores.

5. Paint the walls
Give your bathroom a whole new look with a fresh coat of paint. Consider tones that evoke the relaxed, indulgent feeling of a spa - soft greys, buttery creams and deep sea blues. Just like you would with any other room in the house, test the paint colour first under all light conditions to make sure it's the right choice, and ensure that anything used in the bathroom is moisture and mould resistant (the major paint names all sell specialist bathroom paint). 

6. Freshen Up Tiles
Brighten dated or yellowing tiles with White Knight's easy to use Tile Paint. While it comes in a variety of shades, bright white will instantly make your bathroom look larger and fresher and would be a good choice for small, light-starved space. Make sure that you do your prep work on the tiles first to get the best finish.
And don't forget to whiten the grout lines between tiles. White Knight's Grout Pen goes on easily like liquid paper, and brightens grouting in a flash.

7. Set mood lighting
In any room that's largely about relaxation, soft lighting is a must. Replace harsh lighting on switches with dimmers that allow you to set a low lighting level for relaxing and a stronger one for doing your makeup and other day-to-day tasks. Dot around a few scented candles when you're bathing for a truly indulgent feel - the flickering candlelight is beautiful to watch, and they smell wonderful too.

8. Create a focal point
Whether it's a work of art, an interesting group of coloured vessels on the countertop, or an ornate wall mirror - add something fabulous that instantly captures your attention the moment you step into the bathroom. This not only draws the eye where you want it and away from where you don't, but will elevate the room from a purely functional space to a more decorative one. 

9. Spoil Yourself
Don't forget the little details - plump new towels, beautiful soaps and lotions will instantly refresh the look of your bathroom, and will feel - and smell - divine.

10. Give everything a home
Look out for gorgeous ceramic, glass or stainless steel bottle holders, containers and stands for all those little things we leave out on display, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, handsoap and lotion. While it doesn't all need to be perfectly co-ordinated, aim for at least one common theme to give the group some sense of cohesion - choose pieces made from the same material or shades from the same colour family.


Georgia Madden

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Comment from Lyda Baker on Thursday, 06th July 2017

I really like these bestessays com au review updates. As I am one of that person who really likes the clean and washed washroom. I can’t use the untidy and unclean washroom at all. My home’s favorite place is my bathroom and I have a really well-decorated bathroom and many of the updates I am already following in my bathroom.

Comment from ChristopherJames on Friday, 02nd September 2016

When it comes to getting the house tidy, I find that the bathroom is the hardest to clean up. Especially if you're a girl. I mean have you seen the number of creams and lotions they have! Best bet? Look around for storage solutions Brisbane that match your style and see how you can get it mounted on the walls or build in some head-height shelves so you can stow things away from the main counter top in the bathroom. Out of sight = out of mind after all!

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