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Strata Expert of the Month Wade Mckenzie

Tuesday, 30th October 2012

Wade McKenzie - Managing Director at Strata Republic

Strata law in NSW is about to undergo a revolution.

Rules and regulations originally drafted in 1961 are being re-thought and updated. Soon they will be enacted to meet a myriad of previously unforeseen issues facing the growing number of people living and working in strata developments.

For strata managers, the challenges are immense.

Keeping up with the legislative changes is barely good enough. The better operators strive to be ahead of the game, which is why a new generation of strata managers has taken a leadership role in the blossoming industry.

Young, enthusiastic and at the cutting edge of technology, they are dynamic enough to move with the times.

One such company is Strata Republic, which is winning commercial and residential business through its responsive service and progressive approach to communication.

Among its clients are prominent property developers and international real estate organizations, as well as Owners Corporations of high-end strata schemes in the CBD, the Eastern Suburbs, the Inner West and the Lower North Shore.

At the helm is Wade McKenzie. While just 32 years old, his boyish looks are deceiving. Wade is a 10-year veteran of the strata industry, and formed Strata Republic seven years ago.

“We like to get involved in the embryonic stage of a development,” said Wade. “We act in a consulting role, advising on by-laws specific to each particular property, and setting up correct procedures for the incoming Owners Corporation to follow.

“Sound management structures need to be put in place as early as possible to help streamline the often touchy defects, settlements and hand-over period, and ensure the longevity and on-going prosperity of a completed building. Most  owners appreciate that a professionally managed property stands the best chance of appreciating in value.”

Adding value is what Strata Republic prides itself on, citing the example of a heritage-listed commercial building in Macquarie Street which needed refurbishing.
Not only did Strata Republic manage the work, it offset a large portion of the costs by identifying that the rooftop plant room could be relocated, allowing for a 317sqm commercial suite with front and rear terraces to be built and sold off.
The new strata laws will almost certainly give Owners Corporations much more flexibility, and make wise counsel from strata managers even more valuable. “The changes are long overdue and will be to the benefit of the vast majority of strata owners,” said Wade. “It is an exciting time for our industry, but only those with the desire to move with the times will survive.”

In today’s fast-paced world, people are time-poor, so Strata Republic embraces new technology to improve productivity and enhance the speed and convenience of communication with their clients.

While there probably will never be such a thing as a paperless office, Strata Republic is as close to achieving it as possible. The company uses all the latest IT tools, including electronic documentation and social media, and is producing a series of informative videos on pertinent strata issues. These will be uploaded on its website and on You Tube.

The videos will be available as educational aids for all Executive Committees and as reference material for all Owners Corporations.

To learn more contact:
Strata Republic
Suite 704, 70 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000
P. 1300 884 104

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Comment from Glassman on Saturday, 06th May 2017

It is very good thing what strata is doing and like it the reaming companies also must follow the government rule and regulation accordingly. I have read an article from review blog about this company and its honesty in paying taxes before the time period.This can help the company to increase the faith and trust about the company in the public and their brand value also can be increased.

Comment from aieroel on Saturday, 23rd May 2015

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