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Advice on Cleaning Pools after Floods

Sunday, 26th June 2011

In extreme circumstances you may need to empty your pool. Don't do it yourself - get the experts. Snakes could be living here.

The floods earlier this year throughout Victoria, including the CBD of Melbourne, resulted in pools and spa being inundated with soil, debris and in some cases sewage which can breed disease.

According to the Owners Corporations Victoria (OCV), it is essential to assess the condition of the pool once the floodwaters have receded.  Importantly, it is not just the water which needs checking - the fencing needs to be inspected to ensure it meets safety standards to prevent children from accidential drowning.

General Manager Rob Beck said it is also a good idea to check any pump house and other structures to ensure that snakes, spiders or other pests are not a threat. 

"Seemingly dead reptiles and insects may still be alive.  Secure  or restrict access to the area if possible, particularly if fences have been damaged or debris has made the area dangerous," Mr Beck said.

"Electrical safety is also important.  If the swimming pool, pump, timer and electrical equipment have been fully inundated, once the floodwater has receded a licensed electrician should check he circuits and each electrical fitting to ensure the electrical integrity.  This may need to be done in consultation with a pool technician in case electrical components need to be replaced," he said.

"If the pool starts to turn green a pool technician should be consulted to determine the best practice to minimise the algal bloom.  Also if the pool has received silt or other soil material during the flood it may need to be pumped or bucketed out.

"There may be unusual material washed into the pool that could be hazardous as well as affecting the pool water quality.   The local council needs to be consulted as to where the pool contents may be discharged.  It is not appropriate to pump out the pool to the sewer," Mr Beck said.

"The water is likely to be very dirty and any attempt to filter the water will rapidly clog the filter.  The pool should be flocculated, with material vacuumed to waste and not filtered.  Once the pool has been flocculated the pool filter can be turned back on to circulate and filter the water.  Have the water chemicals checked," he said.

The Owners Corporations Victoria (OCV) is the peak body representing professional strata title managers in Victoria. Visit


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