Monday, 06th April 2020

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Strata Experts

New Services from BCS

New Services from BCS - Providing the best service that is streamlined, efficient and easy to use

Dealing With a Bully in Your Building

Are you dealing with a bully in your building. Arm yourself with some knowledge before dealing with them.

Complexities of Community Title

One of the fastest growing housing sectors in recent years is community title

News from Bright & Duggan

Bright & Duggan talk about owners expectations

Small Steps to Greener Living

Small Steps to Greener Living. Article from the BCS Community Magazine

Strata Expert of the Week - Greg Haywood

BCS is the largest strata management company in Australia. Meet the head honcho, Greg Haywood.

Strata Expert of the Week

Strata Expert of the Week - Meet Hugh McCormack

Strata Expert of the Week - Tony Irvine

Irvine Strata Management is a relatively new entrant into the strata management industry bringing fresh ideas and approach.

The 2011 Schindler Strata Awards

The 2011 Schindler Strata Industry Awards are designed to recognise and reward those who make a significant contribution to the strata industry.

Meet the Strata Experts

There is a new section on the site that has news from strata experts in the industry. Check out the whose who of the industry.

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