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Meet Daniel Linders

Saturday, 12th July 2014

For Daniel, Strata Choice is all about putting people first.

“Legislation, by-laws and the associated responsibilities of common property and you own lot can be overwhelming when you first move into strata,” Daniel said.

“You need the right guidance and support and that will only happen with hands-on approach.  We pride ourselves on giving that to our owners and in particular, to executive committees.

“When dealing with every-changing legislation, living spaces and personal investments, it’s important to have a strata management company that you can trust for transparency, credibility and, of course, sensitivity to your personal needs,” he said.

Strata Choice boasts the industry-leading expertise and knowledge that you would expect of a large strata management company while still maintaining the personalised service of a small exclusive strata management team.

Strata Choice has the experience and resources to be able to effectively support the needs of your strata plan

Rather than focus on a growing portfolio, Strata Choice prides itself on being a strata management company that looks to offer personalised and wholly dedicated service to a smaller number of clients as opposed to a large database

Strata Choice’s professional indemnity insurance cover will offer you total back up, security and reassurance for your investment and property assets.

“We place your individual needs as our number one priority,” Daniel said.

“We endeavour to offer all our clients the flexibility to add and retract however many management services they require for their scheme, and to be priced accordingly. 

“In this way we maintain the integrity of our services and support to every client,” he said.

Strata Choice now has three offices across Sydney.  They have an office in the Sydney CBD at King Street Wharf, one in the Inner West at Five Dock and one in Chandos Street St Leonards.

“Having offices in more than one location better suits our clients,” Daniel said.

“Our St Leonards office was our first location and suited all our buildings on the North Shore but it was not really convenient for the buildings we managed in the city so we opened a second office in the city.

“As our portfolios grew to include a large number of buildings in the Inner West, we opened a third office at Five Dock.

“We will do the same for the east and south in Sydney and anywhere across New South Wales as demand requires,” he said.

Strata Choice offers strata management, Building Management Committee and community title management to schemes across New South Wales.

Most people mistakenly believe strata management is about bricks and mortar.  Daniel Linders, Group Managing Director of Strata Choice said it is not about that at all.

“It’s about people and managing their needs, dreams and financial aspirations,” Daniel said.

“We have built a strong business around providing personalized service to strata owners.

“Service in in the company’s DNA and that is why the Strata Choice mantra is ‘The people people’.

“When you know the history of the company you understand why respect and family values are the foundation blocks of the business.

Daniel’s mother Maria was astute enough to invest in property, then competent enough to manage all the related strata issues; so competent, in fact, that other ownres began asking her to look after their investments.

That was the ‘light bulb moment’ moment and birth of Linders Strata Management in 1984.

For more information you can visit or contact Daniel at [email protected] or call on (02) 8752 5600.




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Comment from AngeliqueAngie on Friday, 27th January 2017

Hey there, Daniel Linders nice to meet you here at strata live and aussiessay site.I have dealt with strata live once, this is the best company, ensures customer satisfaction to the most, a trusted company thanks.

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