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Strata in Focus - Matthew Wrigley

Tuesday, 13th October 2015

Matthew Wrigley, Managing Director, Perpetual Strata

With a refreshing and dynamic approach, Perpetual Strata Management might be the new kid on the block, but managing director, Matthew Wrigley is not.

An old hand in the strata, building and construction industries, Matthew and his team are applying a new methodology and innovative direction to strata that will combat communication issues and enable his company to provide a better service to owners.


“When you are not in control of a business and you see the flaws in the service, delivery models and policy and procedures there is very little you can do about it,” Matthew said.

“It is very frustrating when you aim to deliver best practice and you end up delivering mediocracy because of the culture of the business you are working in. 

“The only way I could break free and do it differently was to start my own business and develop a better culture. 

“I can now provide my owners corporations with a standard of service and level of communication that I myself would expect.  If you are delivering a service that would not meet your own expectations then it is just not good enough,” he said.

Matthew has an in-depth understanding of the operational challenges and what it takes to make strata management a success. He has an abundance of experience in not only strata management but also building and construction.  Having spent his formative years as a qualified carpenter and builder, he has a sound understanding of the legislation, regulations and processes that guide the building and construction industry.   These include compliance and development, Home Owners Warranty, fire codes and occupational health and safety regulations.

A licensed strata managing agent, Matthew’s meticulous attention to detail and dynamic approach ensures that he obtains the best results possible at all times.

“At Perpetual Strata Management, we are committed to professional performance where our vision, values and our customer focus drive everything we do,” Matthew said.

“And we break that down into five distinct areas.”

Those include:

Simplicity Seeking to continually simplify and improve processes, procedures and activities

TransparencyTransparency is assurance

IntegrityDischarging duties with the highest level of integrity and take personal responsibility to deliver on what is promised

Outstanding Client Service Striving to continually exceed clients’ expectations

Honest and Open Communications To value talking directly, share appropriate information and communicate using clear and simple language.

Perpetual Strata Management’s aim is to provide a comprehensive range of quality services that will most effectively meet the requirements of property owners. 

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Comment from Shelley Winters on Sunday, 23rd April 2017

Excellent post good to know that Matthew and his team are applying a new methodology and innovative direction to strata. I read about it at site too. Hope his aim to make company better could be successful.

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