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Sustainable Strata Project

Saturday, 12th July 2014

Recent statistics show that over three million Australians own, live or work within an apartment uilding and this number is increasing annually.

Strata Community Australia (NSW) (SCA NSW) in conjunction with the Cities of Sydney and Melbourne, Green Strata and the Owners Corporation Network (OCN) are currently rolling out a Sustainable Strata program that aims to improve energy efficiency and engage communities in the residential strata sector across Australia.

GK Strata Managing Director, Melissa Truscott, has actively participated in the workshops that have been held over recent months to determine the design and communication strategy to promote the Sustainable Strata program to the strata industry.

Utilities such as electricity, gas and water are necessary for basic household living and are the areas to target to encourage a sustainable environment for future generations. The Sustainable Strata program will assist Owners Corporations and individual lot owners in taking the initiative and implementing sustainability because of the array of advantages that it offers such as: saving money; improving the life and resilience of the property; increasing the market value of the property, and allowing for a healthier indoor living environment. The workshops available will educate and provide substantial evidence to validate the information about sustainability and how these changes can impact the community for the better.

Positive changes can be made to both the common property and lot owner property of an apartment dwelling. Although upfront costs of sustainability may be initially quite high, there are various options available and different forms of sustainability will apply to different building structures. Some forms of sustainable change may include, but are not limited to: wind energy; solar (hot water and electricity); insulation and draught sealing; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; water fixtures such as low flow shower heads and flow restrictors; windows (double glazing and tinting); secure bike parking; emergency, security and outdoor lighting operation, metering and maintenance; rain water tanks; waste management (recycling and composting); down lights; car park lighting; and pool heating and pumps.

GK Strata Management has applied sustainable energy savings with the assistance of certified contractors at a number of buildings by installing LED fittings in the common property areas. This change from traditional forms of lighting is one method that can save a significant amount in energy (and therefore - money) of up to 20-30% per annum as a long term benefit for the Owners Corporation.

The Australian Government has recognised the benefits of implementing LEDs to the community, economy and environment as part of sustainability by offering a government rebate with every LED lighting purchase. The residential sector is seeking to improve sustainable energy because it is the way of the future and is a simple process once you understand how the system works.

GK Strata Management will work to encourage other strata schemes to participate in this changeover program in the near future. If we continue to encourage sustainability in both residential and commercial sectors, we can reduce Australian greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 60% over the next forty years.

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Comment from KENRICK on Tuesday, 11th April 2017

I am glad to see that Australia have started for a Sustainable Strata Project for all those Australians, My video production denver has always been sharing some excellent information about the amazing Projects at Strata.

Comment from Shelley Winters on Monday, 13th March 2017

This sustainable project's got massive potential and I'm hoping that it would be successful. The had given me the feasibility report regarding it's situation and I am hopeful.

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