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NSW Strata Reforms

Saturday, 12th July 2014

a number of changes will come into effect in the latter part of 2014 altering the strata industry, with the intention of improving strata living for millions of residents across NSW.

Some important features of the proposed reforms are as follows:

  • The model by-laws will allow certain pets and prohibit smoke drift where it causes a nuisance or hazard;
  • Notice will be required for changes such as refitting a bathroom but approval will not be required for minor cosmetic changes, such as painting a wall or inserting a picture hook;
  • Owners' corporations will be able to limit the number of people who occupy lots to prevent overcrowding;
  • Owners corporations may enter into an arrangement with the local council to issue penalty notices for unauthorised parking;
  • Tenants will be given the right to attend and participate in owners' corporation meetings;
  • When registering a scheme, unit entitlements must be dertermined by an independent valuation to provide more transparency and consistency;
  • The limiting of proxy votes to prevent an individual or group controlling decisions; and
  • Documents may be issued and meetings held electronically as an alternative to traditional paperwork processes and meetings.

Furthermore, the NSW government will introduce a high rise development bond aimed at protecting homeowners against building defects.  This bond will be equivalent of 2% of the cost of the building work.  It is intended that this would address defective work and give consumers added protection if a developer became insolvent.

Strata Community Australia (NSW) has been heavily involved in the consultation process to achieve more positive outcomes for owners and is supportive of the changes to the strata industry.  GK Strata has also welcomed the changes that will make it fairer to all parties involved in the strata sector.

Apartment living is increasing in demand and strata living is expected to grow as much as 50% over the next 20 years.

A detailed set of reforms to the strata laws can be found at


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