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Meet Melissa Truscott

Saturday, 12th July 2014

As Managing Director of GK Strata Management (GK Strata), Melissa Truscott is passionate about customer service. While many claim they excel in customer service, Melissa believes the changes introduced at GK Strata over the past five years, ensures excellence in customer service.

“We are continually improving our business model so we can be proactive in exceeding our clients’ expectations and our contractual requirements,” Melissa says. 

“We have a strong commitment to integrity and reliability and we are highly ethical and our clients trust and recommend us on that basis.

“We see this as the most important way we can differentiate ourselves in the market and we are continually considering ways to do things better to improve client experiences with our business,” she said.

GK Strata has been in business over 30 years and manage almost 450 strata schemes. They manage all types of schemes from heritage listed buildings, residential garden estates, industrial estates, shopping centres, community associations and building management committees.

Considering the stressful nature of strata management Melissa believes that retaining business and staff can be an issue for many strata companies.

“I am very proud of the corporate culture that we have in our business,” Melissa said.

“Strata is still a great place to work and the retention rates for both clients and employees is higher in our business than some of our competitors.

“What clients like least is change.  They want consistency and stability with their manager. 

“To build a trusting, solid relationship takes time. We invest that time in our managers and they in turn invest that time in our clients. 

“Change is something that happens behind the scenes to better the business.  When you have to introduce a new strata manager it changes the whole dynamic and it is basically going back to square one.

“We do everything to avoid that happening.”

“Our business is continuing to grow.  We do not have a business development manager, nor do we rely on our relationship with developers yet we continue to attract new clients.  The growth of our portfolio is based on reputation alone,” she said.

Melissa sees the key role of the strata manager as a relationship manager for their clients.

“We have recruited many people from outside the strata industry,” Melissa said.

“They have come from various backgrounds and whilst the training of these employees is intense, we have had the most success with them as strata managers.

“They can draw on a range of skills that they have achieved through their previous employment outside the industry that is transferrable.”

GK Strata encourage their strata managers to attend to their portfolio with site visits and by also encouraging clients to invest in consultancy services to diagnose any problems with the common property.

“We are currently in the process of developing a scheduled building inspection program to ensure that we review our stock on a regular basis,” Melissa said.

“We have also surveyed our executive committees to obtain feedback on their individual strata managers, our back office services and any particular issues they may be experiencing.

“We welcome feedback from our clients and are not scared to implement change to seek improvements.

“We anticipate that owing to the strategies that we have recently implemented, that we will have the largest year of growth in the history of the business."

For more information you can visit or contact Melissa at [email protected] or call 9218 9999.  


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Comment from AngeliqueAngie on Thursday, 23rd March 2017

Hello Melissa Truscott. it was really nice to know more about you. Even bestessays mentioned about you and I am impressed at what you're doing in here. She's done plenty as the Managing Director of GK Strata Management already.

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