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Contractors and Compliance Issues

Saturday, 12th July 2014

Strata companies are constantly mindful of the legislative requirements before the appointment of any contractors to carry out any repair and maintenance to common property ensuring that safety obligations are met and any potential risks are avoided.

In particular, GK Strata Management in conjunction with Trades Monitors check and confirm that contractors and service providers are properly licensed; have the appropriate insurances, that is public liability or professional indemnity, obtain home owners warranty when applicable, hold a worker’s compensation insurance if they have direct employees; and comply with health and safety requirements in accordance with the Work Health and Safety legislation.

On some occasions, the Owners Corporation and/or Executive Committee may seek their own contractors to perform works. We encourage the Owners Corporation to ensure that contractors work safely by:

Doing a reference check to ensure contractors have a good safety record and the necessary licences and insurance policies.

Consulting and coordinating activities with contractors including advising them of any known risks in the workplace or site area.

Ensuring the work is satisfactory and there are no safety concerns.

Discussing and resolving safety issues that may arise.

Ensuring the contractor prepares a safe work method statement if high-risk construction work is undertaken.

It is important that we advise members of the Executive Committee and the Owners Corporation that failure to adhere to compliance regulations may result in liability, delays with engaging the contractor or payments of any invoices.

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Comment from Shelley Winters on Wednesday, 30th November 2016

Thank you Strata lives for sharing these Contractors and Compliance Issues at I totally agree, This company encourage the Owners Corporation to ensure that contractors work safely by them.

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