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Solutions to Common Pool Problems

Monday, 05th January 2015

Reviewing your pool operating procedures can improve efficiencies and save money. Knowing what questions to ask and seeking clarification on common pool problems can be difficult for strata managers, so Poolwerx has provided some answers to some common questions to help you get your pool in top shape.

Why has the pool turned green?

As a pool is basically a body of still water, it can easily become contaminated by things such as, body discharges, dirt carried by bathers, hair dislodged from the body and dirt and leaves blown into the pool. If the water is left unchanged or untreated for a period of time, bacteria, viruses and other organisms are allowed to develop.

These organisms can cause health problems as they multiply at a tremendous rate. Once growth starts, one algae spore can turn into ten million in approximately ten hours. The easy way to eliminate this problem is to ensure continuous and efficient recirculation of the water through a filter. In addition to this, it’s necessary to destroy any organism that exists by injecting a disinfectant agent such as chlorine to the water.

When added to the pool in sufficient quantity, chlorine will effectively kill any bacteria that may be present. However, in order for it to work effectively the acid alkaline balance or pH value must be correct. To ensure your pool stays clear and clean of any bacteria there must be a balance between chlorine and pH along with adequate filtration.

With all of these elements acting together the pool should clear up within 24 hours. A very green pool will require the services of professionals such as Poolwerx to rectify. The pool must be shut down to prevent anyone swimming in water that could cause pose a health risk.

The pool is cloudy, why would that be?

There are a number of causes for the pool to be cloudy and all with different treatments. For example it could be experiencing early algae growth and so the solution to that would be to do a super-chlorination of the pool. The pool water balance could also be the cause of cloudiness, if this is the case, check and adjust the chemical levels. Poor filtration is another cause of cloudy pools; to rectify this simply clean or repair your filter and baskets.

Why would there be black spot algae in the pool?

The two simple causes of black spot algae are a lack of chlorine, or the pH level is too high. When left untreated it can be very difficult to combat and remove.

To rectify black spot algae you will need to consult a professional, such as those at Poolwerx, as this is a specialised treatment which can vary depending on the extent and spread of the algae.

What causes poor water flow and high pressure?

This is mainly a filtration problem; the filter or baskets could be dirty or drawing air.

It could also have a faulty pump or low water level.

The automatic cleaner is not very efficient, why?

Leaves blocking skimmer baskets or pump baskets mainly cause inefficient auto cleaners. The filter could also need a clean or the auto cleaner itself may be chocked with leaves. Check the hose for proper connection and cracks.

Other solutions include adjusting the auto cleaner speed and water outlet sockets, or may need replacement parts.

What are the causes and effects of the pump sucking air?

A few of the more common reasons for a pump sucking air are the pump lid is cracked, or maybe the O-ring under the rim could be nipped, broken or dirty. The inlet could be cracked; the auto cleaner may have a hole in the hose or the water level maybe too low.

A swirl in the skimmer box will indicate a low water level, which could also be the reason why the pump is sucking air.

The skimmer box weir door may also be jammed, rather than floating.

What are the causes and effects of the constant blocking of filter baskets and filter cartridges?

With filter baskets, the constant short term blocking of the filter will cause the pump to burnout through poor water flow. It could also cause the mechanical seal to fail.

Other things that it will affect will be the automatic cleaner, it simply won’t work. A constant blocking of cartridges will cause high water pressure and poor water return; it will also indicate poor suction so the auto cleaner once again won’t work. This could be the result of a burst filter or poor plumbing. Oils, lotions and calcium residues will also cause poor filtration and blocking of the cartridge.

What is the requirement by state health departments for safe pool operations?

To prevent people getting sick from contact with or ingestion of water is the primary reason pools are constantly treated with disinfectant.

Dependent on the level of risk to bathers, determined by bather load and other factors water tests are required daily at a minimum.

The required tests are Free Chlorine; Total Chlorine; pH level; Stabiliser Level; Total Alkalinity; Calcium Hardness; Salt/Total Dissolved Solids; Phosphate; Iron and Copper. Additionally monthly microbiological sampling (laboratory) is required for all public pools and spa pools.

This information and advice is brought to you by Poolwerx. For more information you can contact Poolwerx on 1800 009 000 or email [email protected]

Supplied by: BCS Strata Management form Community Lifestyle Magazine


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