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New President for SCA (NSW)

Friday, 06th December 2013

Greg Haywood, Chief Executive Officer of the largest strata company in Australia, PICA - has been appointed President of Strata Community Australia (NSW). Strata Community Australia is the leading professional body for the strata and community title sector in NSW.

Greg’s appointment comes at a time when we will see the biggest changes in strata.  As someone who envelops himself in the big picture, Greg’s appointment signals the ongoing commitment by the industry body to unify the whole industry which includes you, as lot owners.

As a huge advocate of professionalism in strata, Greg will now represent at the highest level one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st Century.An industry that is being overhauled for the first time in over 50 years, Greg’s appointment ensures that the future of a new era in strata is in safe hands.

Greg is much admired in his role at BCS. Through his generousity of time and his calm influence he appreciates his business is about people and he knows all his people – all 560 of them.

“When you run a business that looks after such a broad spectrum of lot owners, you need to know the people looking after them,” Greg said.

“Everyone in our business is equally important because they each hold a valuable position in the company keeping our owners informed and happy,” he said.

There is no ivory tower or mahogany row at PICA, Greg rolls his sleeves up and gets involved.  Whether he is speaking to the SCA board, his executive team at PICA, his managers or to you - the lot owner, he makes time for everybody. Greg Haywood has your back and that makes him a great leader.

Since joining PICA in 2001 as Chief Financial Officer before becoming Chief Executive Officer in 2003, Greg has lead the strong growth of PICA to its position today as the market leader in strata.

Today, PICA has experts that can manage every aspect of strata including residential,commercial, mixed use, resorts, aged care, company title and community association properties.

"Customer service is always first and foremost at all times," Greg said.

"We would like to get it right 100 per cent of the time but you have to accept, albeit begrudingly, that it is not always going to be the case.  Anyone who promises that is unrealistic. 

“All we can do is keep striving to be the best and that is through our company's focus on its staff and systems and we are now at a point we can be proud of the service we deliver."

To get to this point, Greg says that PICA went through various stages including putting all senior managers through a leadership program which was aimed at strategically aligning the business to where it wanted to go.

Training and development has provided the key professional competencies all staff are required to have to meet the objective of delivering the goal of great customer service.  Greg's personal drive has been to ensure training and development is open to all as this is the key to getting the best out of people and retaining good staff.

"Giving tools to better leaders in the company encourages people to do greater things as well as building confidence," Greg said."A more confident team means they are able to provide good internal and external customer service."

More recently the business has been focussing on the clients needs and engaged a branding company to assist it identify ways to develop client relationships.  Greg says this provided PICA with a new model and branding around the purpose of "enhancing community living".

As part of the focus on client needs a client survey was conducted where two key things emerged. These were that clients want leadership from their strata managers and they want quality trades people to undertake their repairs and maintenance.

The focus therefore for PICA could not be simpler. 

"People make an organisation," Greg said.

"If they are well-trained and have support from their employer they can provide their clients with that leadership and ensure they attract quality suppliers who also share the same vision."

Greg has been an active Director of SCA NSW for the last four years to provide support and direction for the strata industry along with other BCS senior managers as board members in other SCA states.  Becoming the President of SCA(NSW) was a natural progression and he welcomes the challenge of overseeing this new era in strata management.

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