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SCA welcomes New Reforms

Saturday, 30th November 2013

Strata Community Australia (NSW) has welcomed the release of the NSW Government’s Strata Law Reform Position Paper, which aims to make strata living easier for consumers.

In welcoming the release of the paper, SCA (NSW) President Greg Haywood said that the consultation process had been positive and inclusive and he felt the paper reflected the changes needed in NSW strata laws for now and the future.

“While we still need to go through the paper fully we are positive about the changes the NSW Government has proposed for the strata sector,” Mr Haywood said.

“We believe that these changes will make living and working in the strata sector a more positive experience. We are especially pleased to see the changes to the model by-laws as these are now being written in a way that tells people what they can rather than what they can’t do and this is a great step forward.”

Mr Haywood said SCA (NSW) had been involved in the consultation process from the start and then through every step thereafter. He said that the organisation and its members were grateful for the opportunity to help shape the laws that will carry the sector forward.

“We believe that the time is right for change in the strata industry and that this Position Paper identifies and addresses long held concerns in the sector with a view to changing them for the better.”

“We welcome continued dialog with the Minister for Fair Trading’s office and Department as we work through all the proposed reforms.”

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