Thursday, 20th January 2022

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Strata Community Australia (NSW)

Compulsory Land Acquisitions

Amendments to the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991 (“Act”), which commenced on 1 March 2017, give owners some significant new rights.

Get Ready for the New Legislation

Get ready for the new legislation. A word with Commissioner Stowe

SCA (NSW) Host Strata Owners Day

Strata Community Australia (NSW) holding their annual owners day.

SCA(NSW) Strata Owners Seminar

SCA(NSW) Strata Owners Seminar - Executive Committee Excellence

Strata Community Australia (NSW)

Strata Community Australia is making strata owner's lives better

Firefighters to Stay on Sidelines

Firefighters to "stay on the sidelines" of dangerous blazes.

Draft Strata Reform Bills Released

Draft strata reform bills released. Strata Community Australia (NSW) welcome changes

New Minister Called on to Support Strata

New NSW minister, Victor Dominello to continue push for sector improvement.

Who is Responsible?

Who is responsible? Is it you or the owners corporation? A guide to kitchens.

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