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Building and Renovating

Sunday, 03rd April 2016

If you are considering undertaking building and/or renovation works in your apartment, the necessary approvals need to be considered.

Depending on how extensive the building works are, approval may be required from the local Council, the Owners Corporation and appointing an expert to ensure you have the right approvals in place is always recommended. 

As buildings age and to keep up with modern times, more and more owners are deciding to install air conditioning units or renovate parts of their homes such as the kitchen or bathrooms. More extensive works can include the removing of internal walls to increase the space for a more open plan home.  

 Approval by Local Council Depending on how extensive the building works are the approval of local Council may be required, other considerations such as apartments within a heritage building will have certain conditions imposed. It is always recommended that an expert is consulted to assist with the required approvals as it can be quite complex.

Approval by Owners CorporationThere are a number of levels of approval that may be required from the Owners Corporation. If the building works are minor and don’t impact the common property or change the appearance of the building then approval from the Executive Committee may only be required. This is usually facilitated by an application for approval through a standard by-law and formally approved at an Executive Committee meeting.

If the building works affect common property, change the appearance of the building or fall within other circumstances then a special by-law may be required to be created and approved by the Owners Corporation at a general meeting and also be registered on the Certificate of Title of the Owners Corporation.  This is a complex process and a specialist strata lawyer is recommended to provide you the correct advice.



Always seek advice from your strata manager prior to committing to any building or renovation works, the costs can be extensive if the correct approvals are not obtained prior to carrying out the works, you may be required to remove or put back in place, should the approval be denied by local Council or the Owners Corporation. 

Further Information:

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NSW Government Fair Trading – Home Building and Renovating

NSW Government Fair Trading – Building or Renovating Guide

Disclaimer: The articles and comments in this Fact Sheet are necessarily brief and general in nature and are not intended to be relied upon by any reader in dealing with a particular problem. Whist all care has been taken in the preparation of this publication the writer and the producers accept no liability for any omission or misguidance.

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