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Thursday, 29th September 2011

We have often spoken of the embryonic nature of the strata industry and its associated customer service problems. One of these is the lack of meaningful data about the demographics of strata plus a lack of understanding of clients' expectations. Any industry needs meaningful research to effectively ascertain what the market wants.

customer service excellence depends upon delivering real value to clients which effectively means exceeding customer expectations and presupposes the service provider knows those expectations.

For this reason the attached newsletter is devoted to reporting to you the first comprehensive market research study done of the strata industry in Australia by the City Futures Research Centre at the University of New South Wales which has as its stated objective to study the key issues facing the governance and management of strata buildings.

The City Futures team interviewed over 400 committee members, which although not a large sample, is enough to give an indication of the  problems and issues facing executive committees.  As an initial study it is to be applauded for its effort to shed some light on this very complex subject of governing the vertical village.  Strata is the fastest growing residential sector in Australia.  Over the coming decades more than half of the new residential dwellings built in Australia will be strata titled.  It is imperative, as a nation and more particularly as an industry we come to terms with developing a better understanding of this sector.

The study focused on three main areas:
  • the role, capacity and effectiveness of the owners corporation as a governance body
  • the role, capacity and effectiveness of the strata manager as an agent of the OC
  • the effectiveness of strata from the lifestyle perspective of owners.
From these three perspectives this study will form the platform for effective policy and practice development within the industry for the future and a number of significant outcomes are already apparent which we will focus on in this newsletter:
  • the performance of the strata manager and what committees are looking for in terms of customer service from their agent
  • the performance of he executive committee and individual member participation in the decision making process
  • the main causes of dispute within a scheme and how these are resolved or handled
  • the predominance of building defects as an ongoing major issue for owners
  • access to resources for information and guidance on management and governance issues.
Bright & Duggan are committed to furthering the development of positive thought about these all important governance issues in strata through these newsletters and our executive forums.  We have found that many owners and executive committee members feel that they are facing these issue alone and take solace and comfort from healthy dialogue and discussion with other facing the same problems.

As strata managers we face these complex management and governance issues on a daily basis.  We welcome this study and its findings and will do all in our power to ensure our managers heed this constructive feedback form the market and support our committees to develop strategies for conflict and more inclusive decision making processes.

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Comment from WatsonZion on Thursday, 22nd December 2016

The administration and staff of Bright and Duggan wish you an exceptionally upbeat and tranquil Christmas, and we anticipate serving you in the New Year. What's more, this unaltered client first approach has picked up us the fortunate position of market pioneer and manager of decision in our industry. 

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