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Think Greyhound - Think Apartment

Wednesday, 30th September 2015

Love a bit of comfy couch

Pick Me. I would love to live in an apartment!

Like many, I have been sickened by the reports that the Australian greyhound racing industry is responsible for the deaths of as many as 17,000 young dogs a year.

The allegations of live bating of small animals including rabbits, possums, chickens and kittens is equally horrendous.  Although I will not watch the  imagery, I believe it is disgusting and the animals are clearly terrified.  For me, there is nothing more distressing than cruelty to animals. 

The dogs are killed because they don't run fast enough after this live bait.  And the ones that are fast enough rip the poor little sods to pieces. 

If the people in the greyhound industry find the mutilation of these creatures and then destroying their own animals amusing then the whole industry should be illegal and banned and better still totally non-existent in all states of Australia. 

But what of the poor dogs who are currently facing death row?  Not by strangers but their own owners willing to destroy them without a second thought.

Did you know that Greyhounds make a perfect apartment pet?  I was surprised when I first heard but they are very content to lie around or have a cuddle even if they are in the confined space of an apartment.  As long as they get some exercise, they will happily sit around quietly all day and wait for you to come home and talk them for a walk.  

The girls from Greyhound Rescue say they are totally happy living in an apartment.  They are gentle giants and fabulous with children.  Considering their size, they make a superb pet for the elderly as well.  Not a lap dog by any means, although they do try, they are very happy to quietly sit at the feet of their master and be a companion and friend.

These gorgeous young dogs are killed before they have even been able to show their unconditional love to the humans they trusted.  Victims of abuse and then forced to kill themselves senselessly.  Those who don't want to kill sign their own death warrant.  Innocent animals die at every turn. 

Before you buy a pet, spare a thought for the many greyhounds without homes who would give anything to live with you in your apartment.  For more information, visit or send them an email at [email protected]

The Stratalive 'Nike Pet Program' supports greyhound rescue.

By Cindy Martin

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