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Tips For Finding the Best Electrician

Thursday, 14th April 2011

Josh Nicholls from Platinum Electrical

Finding a good electrical contractor for strata management can be a painstaking process, particularly when you really need one. The best approach is to search for a reliable local contractor with a strong emphasis on quality of service, and a good reputation. Josh Nicholls tells you how you can do it.

Master electricians are definitely the preferred option for strata management, because they have both the experience and the good business sense required to ensure good service.

Strata electrical contractor issues

Strata brings with it a degree of difficulty for some contractors. Modern strata units tend to have advanced systems and wiring, and a lot of t. The best electrical contractors have a very high capacity for different types of work, and usually do major building installations as well as residential work.

This added capacity adds a layer of efficiency and capability that some local contractors can’t match.

The defining elements of top quality electrical service are unambiguous, and not negotiable:
  • Good quality work
  • Punctual and efficient (not "paid by the hour")
  • Reliable 24 hour service, if required
  • Able to carry out a full spectrum of repairs for all systems
  • Good business practices at all levels
  • Good communication with clients
The quality of work issue needs to be expanded at this point: If you’ve been having trouble with substandard work by electrical contractors, the best possible remedy is to get a master electrician. Professional electricians have an extremely low opinion of any substandard wiring or shoddy installations they encounter, so if they find them, they’ll fix them before there are any problems.

Finding the best contractor

The best contractors are pretty easy to identify:
  • Full, all-area services, including emergency, 24 hours a day: The all-area, 24 hours services are tightly managed, and have better response times for emergency situations
  • Guarantees on workmanship: This is a business angle as well as a warranty, and the best contractors use it to emphasize the quality of their services.
  • Master electricians: The best reference of all, and it also means the contractors can deal with any electrical situation.
  • Commitment to service on time:  This is one of the service situations which drives people mad.  Contractors that can't even manage their own schedules are not the sort of people strata managers or commitees need handling their electrical problems.  The best contractors don't give vague assurances of showing up "sometime during the day".  They make appointments and keep them.
  • Good buisiness response to inquiries: The minute you speak to a well managed business, you get an immediate "down to business" response.  Your inquiry is dealt with systematically, quickly and efficiently.
Good service is good business

The good professional electrical services are also good business for strata management, particularly in the long term. The top electrical contractors are also great maintenance people. They know how to ensure the proper upkeep of your systems so there are fewer problems and no expensive, repetitive “faults” which build up to big money.

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By Joshua Nicholls

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