Thursday, 15th April 2021

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Security Systems and Today's Strata

Security should be a high priority for an owners corporation. Why is it so far down the list of priorities?

Underground pipes - Repair or Replace?

Plumbing is a major expense when maintaining a property. Steve Ellis from Result Trade Services discusses the issues.

Eliminating Mould and Mildew

Eliminating Mould and Mildew. What are the tricks of the trade?

How Green is my Lawn?

The secret to turning tired old grass into lush green lawn that doesn't need watering

One pool, two strata schemes. Agreement?

We live in a complex of two strata schemes. We share a number of facilities including the pool. We want to install smart technology. How do reach agreement?

New Maintenance Section on Stratalive

A new maintenance section to cover all aspects of caring for your building has been added to

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