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Replace your Halogens for Free

Monday, 26th August 2013

Under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, Replace + Save are currently able to offer free 10 W OSRAM LED's + Fittings to replace your halogens. They offer free installation by licensed electricians which will reduce your power bill by thousands of dollars per year and reduce your carbon emissions and help the environment. There is no ongoing obligations or contracts.

Available is white and chrome, OSRAM LED features:

  • Equivalent to 50W halogen GU10 Downlights
  • 80% energy saving
  • Long life - 25 000 hours
  • Warm light glow
  • Fully dimmable
  • Adjustable gimble
  • Main voltage - no transformer required
  • 5 year full replacement warranty
  • NO volume Limitations - We will replace ALL of your lights for FREE.

To book your free installation call now on 1300 88 94 80 or email [email protected]

Limited stock available so don't miss out.

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