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Clean Air Straight To Your Home

Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

Only controlled ventilation can create a healthy overall indoor environment; one which combines home comfort, building protection and energy efficiency.

Due to increasingly air-tight building shells, this calls for a controlled exchange of air, adjusted to the user's needs.

 There are 3 ways to get fresh air inside a building or expel stale air from a room:

  • operable windows or doors
  • separate ventilation opening
  • innovative window ventilators

Windows and doors which can be opened as casement, awning, tilt & turn or sliding are most often used. For windows this means limitations to their size. To overcome this - or if you have stunning views for example - you may wish to install large fixed picture windows instead with other forms of ventilation.

Your choices then are a separately operable sash, usually installed on the side of a fixed window. These are like narrow casement windows, made to a child save width and can have fly screens.

Another option, especially for commercial applications, is to use a window mounted ventilator. At Paarhammer we receive excellent feedback for 'Aeromat' which exchanges air actively or passively, depending on the model, and does so with effective sound absorption. They supply fresh air as required, ensuring comfortable and healthy indoor conditions and are both convenient and efficient. This ventilators also recover valuable heat and protect against pollen, noise, mould and humidity. Other indoor air pollutants can be detected and regulated automatically by connecting intelligent air quality sensors with CO2 and VOC control.

The 'Sensoair' gives you the green light for clean air and a healthy sense of well-being with full productivity. The intelligent air quality sensor registers many different types of pollution in the room air - before the human body can even react and the recommended values have been exceeded - and automatically activates window mounted 'Aeromat' ventilators as needed. The ventilation lights integrated into the casing allow you to check the current air conditions in the room.

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I found the Aeropac Ventilator ideal when you want fresh air without the noise or pollution. Housed in an attractive slim-line enclosure, it has an active carbon filter and acoustic sound absorber. If you suffer from pollen allergies, they even have pollen filters. A handy unit that can be installed on a wall or window.


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