Sunday, 29th November 2020

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Fire Risk In Overcrowding

Makinson & d'Apice lawyers discuss the fire risk in overcrowding

Application of Contracts Review Act

The Application of Contracts Review Act to an SMS

The New LPI Memorandum

Be cautious when considering whether to adopt the two new Memoranda

Amending An SMS

Can the Court amend an SMS under Section 28U of the Strata Schemes Freehold Development Act?

Strata Management Systems

What is an SMS, when is it required and can an SMS be changed?

Can you reapportion costs in an SMS?

Can an expert reapportion shared costs in an SMS?

Common Property

When can a Company Title Building make Regulations under the Company’s Constitution?

CTTT Prepared To Get Tough

Know your limits before altering common property

Security Equipment Exemption

Security systems and the Home Building Act

Can You Get Rid of Unlawful Animals?

Keeping pets in strata

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