Thursday, 20th January 2022

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Bannermans Lawyers

Resolving Disputes at Strata Meetings

We are constantly being told how many people live in strata schemes. Currently a quarter of the population of greater Sydney lives in strata title

What's a crane between neighbours worth?

Question: Are developers required to seek consent from adjoining owners prior to operating cranes over your property?

Dealing with Disparaging Online Articles

Strata committee members and strata managing agents of owners corporations are often subject to disparaging commentary published in various online locations

Compulsory Land Acquisitions

Amendments to the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991 (“Act”), which commenced on 1 March 2017, give owners some significant new rights.

Reasonable Grounds to be Unreasonable?

Reasonable Grounds to be Unreasonable? Questions that arise when Owners Corporations refuse to allow works

Agency Agreement Expiry Deadline

Expires 29 May 2017

Boundary Disputes

Neighbours Come in all Shapes and Sizes and so do your Common Boundary Disputes


MR FLUFFY: REGISTRATION BY 31 JULY 2016! Loose Fill Asbestos Hazard: Important Update for Strata and Home Owners - An Update from Bannermans Lawyers

Swimming Pool Changes

Swimming Pool Changes - Are you Selling, Buying or Leasing? Beware the Hype! - An update from Bannermans Lawyers

Airbnb - Strata Becoming a Party Hotel?

Airbnb Update - An update from Bannermans Lawyers

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