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Downsizing in Style

Saturday, 16th April 2011

For those who reside in the beautiful leafy suburbs of Sydney's Upper North Shore there is nowhere else to live. In fact, in comparison to other areas of Sydney, homes change hands less often and many owners stay longer than 25 years in the one home.

For the people of the Upper North Shore there is one all encompassing terrifying word they avoid for as long as possible: downsizing.

"There are so few options in our area when you decide to leave the five-bedroom family home so you tend ot stay longer," Thomas Moore from Gordon said.

"Unfortunately, many of the options around us are either too small or too dark - or both, instead of the whole downsizing experience being uplifting, the future looks rather bleak."

"You tend to go home and stick with the stairs and high maintenance because the idea of downsizing into the depressing options on offer is just too daunting."

But there is an option where you can downsize in style but it entails getting out of your car and taking a look inside rather than driving right on by.

"It is too big," Mr Moore said of Meriton's Elysium development in Gordon.

"I couldn't imagine living in a development of over 100 apartments."

But that was before he and his wife were dragged into Elysium kicking and screaming.  Five minutes later the couple were discussing where they could place their furniture in one of the units.

With three bedrooms, massive study and huge open-plan living areas flowing to the oversized balcony, it was the view over the National Park that won them over completely.

"This is not at all what I was expecting," Jillian Moore said.

"All you see is view.  You would never think you were in a development of this size - or in an apartment development at all in fact.

"The size of the living room is fantastic and the beautiful full-length windows and natural light make the already large apartment feel even larger.  I am very pleasantly surprised.

"The study is a fantastic size for Thomas and the unit is still big enough that I can have one of the bedrooms for my crafts and still have a spare bedroom.

"Having our own space is on the wish list, but here we could actually do it," she said.

So what are the preferences of people looking to downsize?

Top of the list is level living, closely followed by low maintenance and most downsizers want to stay in the suburb they have lived their whole lives.

The Moores list is as follows:-
  1. Must be in Gordon
  2. Must be level
  3. Must be low maintenance
  4. Must be close to transport and the shopping centre
  5. Must have good security
  6. Must have privacy
  7. Should have lots of light
  8. Should have large living areas
  9. Should have a large balcony
  10. Should have a leafy outlook
  11. Should have more than average storage
  12. Should feel open and cosmopolitan rather than retiring
  13. Great if it had two seperate areas so we could have our own space
"There are so many practical issues to look at when you are downsizing," Mrs Moore said.

"But there are also the emotional issues that need to be addressed as well.

"I want to have a living area big enough to take some of my treasures - and some of that furniture is very large.

"Thomas would love to take his desk that he has had for 40 years but very few places are big enough.

"This is the first apartment I have looked at that could definitely be an option for us.  It is very private, so fresh and new, sensational views and large enough to still call it a home.

"The one thing I would miss terribly from our home is our spa but the balcony here is so large and private you could easily have a spa here."

"Seeing this today has helped enormously towards our making that dreaded decision to sell the house.  I could move in here tomorrow and be very happy."

There are seven apartments remaining in Elysium. Two bedrooms from $595,000 (Stamp duty exemptions applicable) and three bedrooms from $795,000.

Elysium is registered, complete and ready to move in.

Elysium is open seven days 10-5pm at 4-14 Merriwas Street, Gordon.

For more information visit

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