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New Apartment Building a Work of Art

Wednesday, 30th March 2011

Progressive Sydney development company Ceerose is putting the ART into apARTments by treating its latest building as an urban billboard.

Eden in Chippendale uses vertical louvres of varying colours and textures on its eight-storey facade to create a giant piece of urban art.  Up close it's just part of the colour of the city, but when viewed from afar a distinct image emerges of fabric flowing in the breeze.

Architect Tony Owen trailed five visual concepts, including the face of a beautiful woman.  He put them on his company's website, and asked the public to vote.

Some council officers even registered their preference, with the abstract fabric design being judged more appropriate than the graphic of the attractive blonde, the floating clouds, the cityscape and the eye.

Eden, at 19-31 Goold Street, overlooks Central Park - the former CUB site.  It will have 26 apartments, with single-level studio and one-bedroom units and double-storey two and three-bedroom apartments.

"The western side of Eden is visible from surrounding areas so we took the opportunity to treat the facade as a piece of sculpture in an urban landscape," said Owen.  "Louvre fins in different colours and textures create an image that plays up the complexity of living in the city."

The vertical louvres are there for more than just show; they function for sun control, privacy, and to help to moderate temperatures within the apartments.

While the number of units on offer is relatively small, demand for Eden is expected to be large.

"Chippendale is a great location for the young at heart," enthuses Edward Doueihi, Managing Director of Ceerose. "It is home to a thriving arts community who will appreciate the artistic effort we are putting into Eden."

Apartments come in a diverse mix of layouts and sizes.  The two storey configuration may have their roots in a traditional Victorian terrace but these have evolved into ultra modern sanctuaries with dramatic voids, double-height windows and wintergardens.

Interiors are bold, with colourful tiles, geometric-patterned wallpaper, exposed storage options, beautiful joinery and kitchen designed as large pieces of furniture to maximise the use of space.

Eden has:
  • Studios from $415,000 and up to 48.5m2
  • 1 bedroom from $495,000 and up to 62m2
  • 2 bedrooms from $770,000 and up to 102m2
  • 3 bedrooms POA
"Chippendale is significantly undervalued compared to nearby suburbs yet it has so much to offer," said Mr Doueihi. "It is strategically positioned on the cusp of the CBD, near educational facilities, recreational amenities, shopping centres and lovely parklands.

"What it needs is quality residential developments like Eden to cater for the young professionals who want to live in this ecletic precinct."

NSW Residential Sales Manager for Colliers International, Peter Shield, agreed.  "The development is perfectly located at the Broadway end of Chippendale which allows residents easy walking distance to the UTS, Central Station, Sydney University and entertainment venues," Mr Shield said.

"Eden will provide a city lifestyle at a comparatively low entry point.  The development of nearby Central Park will see Chippendale prices soar and the residential landscape change within a few short years.

More information is available on

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