Thursday, 20th January 2022

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CFCU Delivers First Home Buyers Boost

Community First Credit Union delivers $2,000 boost to first home buyers

Strategies for the Investment focused

Invest in tax time tactics for rental properties. Strategies for the investment focused.

Lender "Break-Ups" to Benefit Consumers

High profile lender "break-ups" to benefit consumers. Time to research a home loan switch with substance

2010 National Consumer Sentiment Survey

2010 National Consumer Sentiment Survey revelations on rate rises, sacrifices, affordability, confidence and more

Avoid Home Loan Default Over Summer

Help yourself avoid home loan default over summer. Tips to playing it safe with loan repayments

Borrowers Take Flight

Borrowers take flight to refinancing and lowest possible rates. Loan comparison website sees a large rise in enquiries

Rate Rise May Lead to Sacrifices

Cash rate rise may lead to unhealthy sacrifices - Tips for those feeling sprung by increasing rates

Rent's spent: First homebuyer update

Rent's spent: time to set aside dollars for home? First homebuyer market update

Property investors hold out for Spring

Warmer weather will combine with other favourable conditions to fuel the appetites of potential property investors

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