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Netstrata provides management and administrative services to residential, commercial and industrial strata and community title schemes in Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions.  Our Strata Title management and Community Title Management expertise extends to all classes of properties, from small home unit, villa, townhouse and terrace schemes to high rise residential and commercial buildings, shopping centres, industrial complexes, retirement villages and restaurants.

Our company is an industry leader in the provision of professional management services coupled with electronic communications, record management and secure internet access to client files.  Cumbersome, irregular and convoluted paper documents and reports are replaced electronically providing our clients with instant access to their strata or community scheme records in either concise or detailed form, at their discretion.

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Netstrata as your Strata Manager

1. No lock-in contracts

Our managing agency agreement is a simple, easy to understand contract that specifies no contract term.  This enables the owners with our client schemes the luxury of reviewing our agreement at any time and ensures the highest level of attention and professionalism from our managers for your scheme.

We're confident that with the services we provide the owners within our strata schemes is why our building retention rate is above 97% per annum.

2. A proactive approach

We believe prevention is better than cure.  Our managers undertake regular inspections of their client schemes, either independently or with your executive committee so all pertinent issue may be addressed.

3. An innovative approach

Our office has been industry leaders for more than 15 years, utilising advances in technology to deliver information to owners, committee members and residents within your scheme.  Easy to pay levy options, web access to your scheme's records, electronic storage of data and in 2010 electronic delivery of meeting notices and minutes via email resulting in more efficient and cost effective ways to access information for your scheme.

4. Fewer buildings = more service

According to recent industry benchmarking surveys our strata managers manage few buildings than the industry average, which allow us more time to meet our clients' needs.

5. Our unique maintenance follow up system

All maintenance works reported to our office are monitored from the time they are first reported until the time they are completed.  This ensures that all maintenance works for your property are completed efficiently, cost effectively and to the satisfaction of the owners affected.

6. Experience....the difference

17 or our 21 strata managers are fully licensed strata managing agents.  We're proud to boast that we employ more Licensed Strata Managing Agents than any strata managment company in NSW.  Ask yourself, would ou rather have the apprentice or the qualified looking after your scheme?

7. Audit of services

Should you elect to appoint our office to manage your scheme we will undertake an audit of all services and services providers to your scheme.  Arranging for cost saving energy audits to reduce power consumption, tender process' for all large expenses to achieve the most value from all strata levy payments.

Could your strata or community title scheme benefit from our proactive and customer focused management.  If so, visit our website at to request a free quote or call us on 1300 638 787.

People to contact

Stephen Brell - Managing DirectorAside from being Managing Director, Stephen Brell was the first employee of Netstrata in 1996 and has served as licensee-in-charge since 2001. Having more than 15 years experience in the property and strata management industry, Stephen is a licensed strata managing agent, real estate agent and registered property valuer. Stephen has previously taught the strata management and property licensing course at TAFE NSW adn lectured at the Institute of Strata Title Management.

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