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Meet property expert, Chris Gray

Tuesday, 11th May 2010

Property guru - Chris Gray

Everyone needs a Chris Gray in their corner. When Chris started building his empire he was just 22. By 23 he had three properties and by 31 he had turned his initial $35,000 deposit into a $3.5 million property portfolio. With a positive outlook and great results, Chris inspires others to set similar targets and build their own investment strategy. How? It is about a book.

The Effortless Empire: The Time-Poor Professional's Guide to Building Wealth from Property is a must read.

 Now 38, Chris is a leading property investor and expert - appearing regularly on Sky News Business Channel, A Current Affair and in newspapers and property magazines.  Chris has achieved financial independence by leveraging his properties and equity along the way.  In his highly motivating book, he shows how readers can do the same without increasing their salaries or sacrificing their lifestyles.

 The Effortless Empire takes readers through the step-by-step process of property investing, by:

  • motivating them to look at their time, salaries and lifestyles differently
  • Illustrating how property can provide the lifestyle people only dream about
  • comparing property with other forms of investment
  • comparing the various types of property investments
  • illustrating how they can make their portfolios profitable
  • showing them how to spend wisely
  • showing them how to begin.
"By the time my one-year-old son, Scott, turns 21; a two bedroom unit in Sydney will cost $4 million!  It's never too soon to start building your property empire," Chris says.  The Effortless Empire shows Australians how they can begin investing in property now, while it is still possible.

 We are going to start a thread in the forum for Chris to answer some of your questions.  Chris has also generously offered to give 100 registered members a copy of his book.  Please register on the forum and supply your address and the first 100 registered users who join Chris's thread will receive a copy of his book.

 Chris can discuss numerous aspects of the market with you including: Investing, mortgages, buying and negotiating and renovating for landlords.  So head to Chris's thread.  In weeks to come we will hear about:-

  • Chris's top 10 tips for maximising capital growth and yields
  • What, where and when to buy - what are the true pros and cons of different properties
  • How to build a property investing strategy that maximises returns in a boom and reduces the risk of falls in a recession
  • Inner city v's regions v's luxury properties - what is rising and what is falling
  • How to cash-flow negative geared properties so you don't have to fund it from your wages
  • Why the current market presents perfect conditions for investors
  • Why it's better to pay a fair price for a unit in a good suburb than buying a cheap unit in a cheap suburb
  • Auction tips - how to buy a property at, or below, market value
  • How to guarantee a buy before auction
  • Why it's a good idea to buy a property before they go on the market - and how to find them
  • How to create instant equity from simple renovations
  • Which renovations maximise the value of a home
  • How to ensure your property is always tenanted
  • Whether to fix interest rates or not
  • Principal and interest v's interest only
  • Why paying off your home loan isn't necessarily the best thing to do
All this and more so stay tuned.

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Comment from johnmc on Wednesday, 09th June 2010

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