Sunday, 25th June 2017

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Resolving Disputes at Strata Meetings

We are constantly being told how many people live in strata schemes. Currently a quarter of the population of greater Sydney lives in strata title

Boundary Disputes

Neighbours Come in all Shapes and Sizes and so do your Common Boundary Disputes

Swimming Pool Changes

Swimming Pool Changes - Are you Selling, Buying or Leasing? Beware the Hype! - An update from Bannermans Lawyers

Vexatious Litigants

Vexatious Litigants - An update from Bannermans Lawyers

Strata Reform:SMA Appointments/Agreement

Strata managers first concern under the strata reform: Agent Appointment and Extension of Agreements- An update from Bannermans Laywers

Back in the Pocket

We have acted in hundreds of building defects claims and a fairly consistent problem we encounter - An update from Bannermans Lawyers

Objecting to Development consents

Objecting to a development proposal and how to do it effectively - An update from Bannermans Lawyers

Collective Sales-Working Together

Windfall When Neighbours Work Together - An update from Bannermans Lawyers

Lift Contracts in Strata Schemes

Lifts & escalator refurbishments and upgrades are amongst the largest items of expenditure that owners in strata schemes commission - An update from Bannermans

Strata Renovations & Subdivisions

Exempt & Complying Development Laws May Remove the Need for Council Approval - An update from Bannermans Lawyers

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